Julie Raich Diémé


I’m more than just a course creator - I combine years of sales, marketing & business exertise to show you the exact formula to fine tune your sales mechanism, solidify your framework, and grow your reputation so you can go from profitable to lucrative with your digital courses & programs.


What does it take to go from profitable to lucrative?


Getting to know you & your business

We’ll start with an honest chat about your digital course or program, your business, and goals. Here, we’ll highlight your vision, stumbling blocks, and define key opportunities for working together. 

Getting Results!

We will develop a plan of action that considers your goals, infrastructure, and time frame in order to keep overwhelm at a minimum while moving you in the right direction. We will support you and your team with a combination of strategy and consulting so that the course building/ revamping process is clear, straightforward and doable.  

Let me take it for a test drive with a Comprehensive Audit! I will provide expert confirmation on the Strengths and Weaknesses of your framework and marketing strategy. Additionally, I will outline a short list of Opportunities for growth and expansion, in order to get your students better results and you - more sales!


I’m Julie Raich Diémé.

Hi, I am Julie - Digital Course Strategist for Health & Wellness Professionals (and their friends!), like you, who are ready to uplevel with a digital course or program in order to scale to 5-figures (and beyond!)  

It wasn't so long ago that I was struggling to grow my list with qualified leads and to get them to commit to working with me.  

I was standing in my own way of meeting the right leads and making money. Only, I didn't realize it!  

(You don't know what you don't know!)  

Without the RIGHT leads, or the right lead generation strategies, I was literally rolling the dice every day I stepped into the office. And I wasn't sure of what I had accomplished after I stepped out.  

Once I figured out how to find the right people to fill my 1:1 program, everything changed - massively!  

  • I expanded my team by 400%  
  • Our lead generation increased exponentially by 500%, and  
  • I TRIPLED my bottom line all within weeks of developing (not even fully implementing) these strategies!  

I don't want to give you the wrong impression, just months before my reality was VERY different. I was basically starting afresh after a lengthy rebrand and then niching down on top of that.  

  • I had no email list.  
  • I didn't have a fancy website (I still don't!)  
  • And my mindset needed some work too.  

But with the help of my coach, I was able to turn my problems into solutions, realize my worth, AND begin to cash in on my talents as a teacher + marketing expert.  

I literally have only 1 more 1:1 slot to fill this month. Could it be yours?  

The WRONG leads will only help you to waste more time, energy, and get really frustrated in the process. Not to mention, they will lead you to building a digital course or program that may not sell. And I wouldn't wish that on anyone!  

If you're over being the best kept secret with massively untapped potential, wondering if when will be the right time to make your move with a digital course or program, then this is for you.  

Are you ready for the next level?  

How could a digital course benefit your business?


Don't let another year pass you by!