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I’m more than just a course designer - I combine years of sales, marketing & business exertise to show you the exact formula to effectively generate more leads, increase profits, and scale with an elearning platform. 


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Designing your first course doesn't have to feel hard or overwhelming - not with a little help! Book your free consultation to design the perfect package of services. 

Clear Objectives

Peak students' interest when you clearly articulate the benefits of your course so that you fill seats and set students up for success before you ever create a lesson! 

Awesome Outline

Build excitement further when you give students a glimpse at the gold mine of content that awaits beyond enrollment, pinpointing (and eliminating) painpoints left and right!

Teach Strategically

Pair your framework with actionable teaching strategies that really work to get your students the kinds of results they deserve. 

An Honest Opinion

No matter the results you've gotten in the past, you can count on me to get you where you want to go with your course. Want to know how well it performs? I will test drive it from start to finish and provide detailed feedback on everything from effectiveness to user experience. 

Grow your Course

Use feedback to grow your course the smart way by scaling with each new rendition. Learn from existing versions of your course + user feedback to take your course and business to the next level. 

The Right Tools

Need help automating your course? I can help with online teaching strategies and tools that keep students on the top of your priority list without bogging you down.

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Let me take it for a test drive! I will provide expert confirmation on theStengths and Weaknesses of your course with respect to its deliverables. Additionally, I will outline a short list of Opportunities for growth and expansion, in order to get your students better results and you - more sales!

Getting to know you & your business...

I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand your business and goals. Here, we’ll highlight your vision, stumbling blocks, and define key opportunities for working together. 

Getting down to brass tacks...

Together, we’ll take action as we create (or modify) your framework so that it accurately reflects your approach to helping clients, the type of issues that you help them with most, and how you get results in a traditional setting. Then we will discuss how to best transition your work to an elearning platform. 

Getting Results!

We will develop a plan of action that considers your goals, methods, and time frame. We will create detailed to-do lists and provide you with the right resources to make sure that the course building/ revamping process is straightforward and doable.  


I’m Julie Raich Diémé.

Hi! I'm an experienced Online Course Designer, educational consultant and university instructor of 20+ years. I am a languages nerd (fluent in 4!), world traveler, wife and mom.  

Since my son was born in 2015, I have developed a passion for bringing my business online and helping others to do the same in order to find the perfect balance of freedom & flexibility for my family and make an impact with my work.  

I help experienced professionals around the world to bring their offline expertise to an elearning platform. I also partner with established online businesses to improve existing courses, exponentially increasing student success rates and profits.

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