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I scaled by 400%... and my side hustle became my main hustle. 

Before I scaled my business...  

I used to think it was impossible - I didn't have the capital, the clients, or the bandwidth.I couldn't even imagine how to work at the next level because - like many of my clients - I had never done it before.  

WHY wasn’t I there yet? WHAT did I need to do to secure clients and generate recurring income? I knew that once I figured out that part - helping people would be easy!

I could tell I was inspiring the people I talked to with my ideas.I kept seeing my ideas come to fruition in other people's advertising, copy, and podcasts.  

And they were all making money - but not me. There I was, giving away my expertise on free calls and in private groups... and no one would hire me.  

I thought it must be a sales problem.  

It had been more than a few years since I had worked in sales, so I thought - naturally, that must be it!  

When I hired my coach, it turned out that the problems weren't (only) sales.  

One of the reasons I wasn’t getting clients was due to volume - I simply wasn’t talking to enough people.  

The other was mindset.  

The changes that I made in these two areas of my business were enough to scale by 400% within a matter of months.  

I signed new clients (yes, plural!). I grew my team. My “side hustle” became my main hustle.  

And I began to make an impact around the world - all while living a freedom lifestyle that allows me to spend afternoons with my family and even cook (if I feel like it).  

It was just the beginning…  

In short, this is how the Lucrative Digital Course Method (TM) came to help health & wellness professionals like you to:  

  • Design, set up, and implement an EFFICIENT sales system that gets your expertise in front of lots of the right people - even if you are on a shoestring budget.  
  • Leverage students’ results in their marketing campaigns so you can attract more students and INCREASE your bottom line.  
  • Go from profitable to LUCRATIVE with digital courses so you can scale with your digital course and never complain about feast or famine cycles again.  

You don't have to know everything before you scale... and you don't have to do it alone either!

If you're tired of wondering how to fill your programs or courses, you see the value in expanding your business into a global market, and you are ready to scale to 6/7 figures with your digital courses & programs, let's talk!  

Any health & wellness pro can SELL digital courses using the Lucrative Digital Course Method because it simplifies the sales process so you can scale with confidence.